Christian Michelbach Awarded ‘Best Poster’ at the 10th European Combustion Meeting

SCAPE Research Fellow, Christian Michelbach was recently presented with the ‘Best Poster’ Award in the category of ‘Fuels’ at the 10th European Combustion Meeting for his work on the ‘Autoignition and Heat Release Behaviour of Iso-Butanol and Gasoline Blended Fuels’.

This poster featured a summary of part of the research carried out by Christian during his PhD at the University of Leeds, which is available in his thesis (accessible through White Rose eTheses Online) or in a recently published paper in the International Journal of Chemical Kinetics.

Although this year the European Combustion Meeting could not be held in-person, the virtual conference featured over 250 high-quality posters over the course of two days and catered to hundreds of attendees throughout Europe and beyond.