‘Cleaner’ Catalytic Converter to be Developed in Partnership with Industry

A team from SCAPE and Chemistry who developed a new synthetic material that accelerates the removal of harmful nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide from engine fumes, have announced a research collaboration with Cats and Pipes, an automotive company in North Wales that designs and manufacturers catalytic converters.

The aim is to have a prototype device fitted to a test vehicle by 2023, enabling its performance to be compared with current catalytic converters under real road conditions. The prototype could potentially revolutionise catalytic converter technology.

Many conventional catalytic converters use platinum group metals as a catalyst, which convert toxic nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide gases from the engine into nitrogen and carbon dioxide gases by the time it is emitted from the exhaust pipe. As a result, conventional catalytic converters under urban road conditions may be operating with less than 50% efficiency. In comparison, the synthetic material developed at Leeds is an effective catalyst at low and even ambient temperatures.

For more information, please contact project lead, Dr Hu Li.