Dr Alastair Baker ‘Highly Commended’ at the 2020 Sustainability Awards

Dr Alastair Baker was highly commended at the 2020 Sustainability Awards for bringing ‘Design of Experiments (DoE)’ to researchers.

The use of DoE early in a research project can substantially reduce development time, costs and wastes, and may save materials such as single use plastics. This is achieved by performing the required experiments as efficiently as possible, and analysing the data with statistical methods, reducing the number of experiments researchers may need to undertake compared to approaching one variable at a time.

A grant from the Sustainability Living Lab funded the delivery of workshops on DoE to promote more sustainability based lab practices of individuals and their projects. Over 40 willing participants engaged with DoE from SCAPE and Chemistry – they were also given a license for DoE software.

If you are a postgraduate researcher or PDRA who wants to use DoE or learn more, feel free to email Alastair.