EMPOWER Vlog Competition

CDT Bioenergy student Robert White came second place in EMPOWER’s vlog competition, which aims to find exciting and innovative vlogs which capture the essence of positive incentives for reducing the use of conventionally fuelled vehicles. Robert produced a video titled ‘Transport: a nudge in the right direction’. An introduction to the idea of social nudging along with a simple definition is presented in his video:

The main example of social nudging explored is the social proof where examples, such as celebrities, are used to convey how people might be influenced. The video ends with an overview of the various types of nudging techniques available. The objective of this video is to inform a wide audience about social nudging. Using celebrities is one of the simplest ways to nudge as they are highly influential. Several celebrities like to ride bicycles, drive electric cars and champion renewable energy causes but the association with using them for commuting, daily life or for work is not widely conceptualised. As our social circles appear to expand due to the availability of information and the internet, the influence of our peers on our behaviours and feelings are sure to grow.