Plant Power Bioenergy Conference at Kew Gardens

Continuing a week of activities with Global South collaborators, SCAPE students and staff took part in the Plant Power Bioenergy Conference at Kew Gardens, London. This major international conference connected the scientists at Kew with engineers from Leeds and overseas partners involved in the GCRF projects described above.

All the visitors enjoyed the fantastic location and incredible weather, and were treated to a tour of the Temperate House and a picnic in the sun.

Scientists at Kew Gardens have a host of high-profile collaborators, celebrity supporters and funders relating to integrating plant science with Global Challenges facing humanity. The aim is to use the huge store of knowledge in their collections to benefit societies aiming to mitigate and adapt to climate change, especially in the Global South.

Anyone interested in finding out more should contact the Bioenergy CDT manager, James McKay (