Renewable Energy Integration Conference and Poster Session

On 25th June, SCAPE researchers and overseas collaborators gathered for a conference on the theme of integrating renewable energy, in particular bioenergy, into the energy system in the UK and in the Global South.

This conference connected several groups of researchers including the Bioenergy CDT, the Smart Energy Systems Group from Electrical Engineering, iPRD (Chemistry and Chemical Engineering), and Global South collaborators from the following projects:

  • BBSRC GCRF BEFWAM (Energy from Aquatic Invasive Biomass)
  • EPSRC GCRF CRESUM-HYRES (Integrated Micro Grids for Remote Areas)
  • Royal Society Africa Capacity Building Initiative

Visitors came from Uganda, Congo, Tanzania, India and Indonesia. This event aimed to build up a network of PhDs and collaborations across Leeds in the area of renewable energy; a similar event will be held annually.