Road Verge Biomass Project

Bioenergy CDT students Aaron Brown, Judith Ford, Luke Higgins and Fernando Barba have been involved in a successful collaboration with Lincolnshire County Council and Peakhill Associates (consultancy) to investigate the potential for road verge cuttings to be used as a feedstock for Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants.

After careful analysis in the field and lab, via a series of first-year CDT team projects, the students found that road verge cuttings (photo above by Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust) were a beneficial addition to feedstocks for AD plants, that this could be a source of income for local authorities, and that this would also improve road verge biodiversity.

Two papers have emerged from the project and are available on Science Direct and Springer. It has also been highlighted as a successful case study in EPSRC’s ‘Building Skills‘ magazine.