Our Capabilities

To address key energy sustainability, security and affordability issues faced by industry, government and wider society, the Centre harnesses and integrates research and innovation capabilities in:

  • Energy-related technologies (e.g. advanced combustion science and engineering, renewable energy systems and future fuels, and tribology)
  • Energy economics and policy (e.g. the economics of low carbon cities, transition pathways to a low carbon energy system, business models and the use of ICT for demand reduction)
  • Socio-technical systems design for energy (e.g. the design of indicators for, and mobile applications to support, green behaviours) – in collaboration with the Socio-Technical Centre
  • Interdisciplinary and whole systems approaches to energy (e.g. a holistic review of energy storage technologies and possible pathways for adoption in the UK)

The Centre provides seamless integration across the University of Leeds’ energy research community.

The breadth of expertise we draw on enables us to address challenges across:

  • The entire energy system – from primary energy generation to end use energy demand reduction
  • The entire product/service lifecycle – e.g. from raw materials to product disposal/recycling
  • A full range of timescales – from immediate (e.g. current issues faced by industry and policy makers) to long-term (e.g. envisioning pathways to a radically decarbonised economy)
  • A full range of spatial scales – household, neighbourhood, city, regional, national, international, continental and global

As a virtual Centre, we have full access to the capabilities of our member Schools and Faculties and it is through integration that the Centre adds value.