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The University has a diverse portfolio of energy research, totalling around £50m. The Schools hosting the Transformation Fund positions are major players in this research. Other units across the Campus have active research in the energy area.

The Centre is a joint venture between the Faculties of Engineering and Environment.

The Centre develops partnerships with industry, government and academia, both nationally and internationally. Work in partnership to deliver a seamless response to energy, energy-related or energy-encompassing problems that transcend traditional academic disciplines. We welcome new opportunities to collaborate with organisations in the private, public, civil society and academic sectors. If you are interested in exploring opportunities to partner with us, or would like further details of our expertise, please contact Professor William Gale or Professor Peter Taylor. Potential modes of collaboration are outlined below.

  • Shaping of our projects – we are keen to engage with potential end users of our research, innovation and knowledge generation, to gather input to shape research proposals to third-party funders (e.g. UK research councils, European research and innovation funders)
  • Contract R&D and consultancy – we provide effective and efficient contract R&D and consultancy drawing on, and integrating, expertise from a range of disciplines (as required to address the commissioning organisation’s requirements)
  • Collaboration on PhD projects – we provide opportunities: to shape the training content and research outputs of PhD research projects, through our collaboration with the Doctoral Training Centres in Bioenergy and Low Carbon Technologies; and to partner on CASE or directly funded PhD projects
  • Knowledge exchange through informal and ad hoc collaboration – through informal and ad hoccollaboration we can provide, receive and co-develop insight into emerging research trends. We are looking to understand the sustainability and energy challenges in a range of organisations (to help shape our research strategy and active research portfolio)

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The Schools and Institutes hosting the Transformation Fund positions are:

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