Members and Associates of the Centre

NameEmailSchoolAreas of expertise
Dr Catherine of Chemical and Process EngineeringComplexity Science; Energy Policy; Energy Technologies; Socio-technical Aspects of Energy use.
Professor John of Earth and EnvironmentSustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) Modelling; Carbon Accounting and Exploring the Transition to a Low Carbon Pathway.
Professor David of Mechanical EngineeringAutomotive Braking Systems; High Strain-rate/Crashworthiness Studies; Polymer Engineering.
Professor Mark of GeographySimulating Social and Demographic Change within Cities and Regions, and in Understanding the Impact of these Changes on the Need for Services like Housing, Roads and Hospitals.
Professor Denise of Civil EngineeringProject Management Education; Management of Complex and Iconic Projects; Project Management; Competency and Project Management as a Profession; Managing in a Multi-project Environment; Collaborative Approaches to Procurement.
Professor Wandi Bruine de University Business SchoolBehavioural Decision Making.
Dr Kishore of DesignMeaning Centred Design.
Dr Jonathan of Earth and Environment and School of Civil EngineeringThe Resilience of Low Carbon Infrastructure Projects to the Potential Criticality of the Raw Materials they use.
Professor Paul of GeographySustainable and International Development.
Professor Timothy of Mechanical EngineeringDeveloping Integrated Models of Energy Systems and Technologies, and then using those Models to Inform both Technology Development and Policy Decisions.
Dr Rolf of Chemical and Process EngineeringSolar Energy.
Dr Matthew University Business SchoolThe Promotion of Environmentally Sustainable Work Behaviour and the Design of the Physical Work Environment.
Dr David of Earth and Environment and School of Civil EngineeringBarriers to Delivering a World-class Infrastructure System - Combining Engineering, Economics and Social Science Perspectives.
Professor Christopher of Languages, Cultures and SocietiesInternational Political Economy and Energy Security.
Professor William of Chemical and Process EngineeringInterdisciplinary Activities in Energy, Aviation, Aerospace and Materials Science.
Professor Andrew of Earth and EnvironmentEnvironmental and Climate Policy; Energy and Development Policy; Cities and Climate Change.
Professor Susan for Transport StudiesA Statistician with Research Niche in Transport Technologies and Social Informatics under the Rubric of Low Carbon Energy Futures.
Margo of Earth and EnvironmentEnvironmental Issues and Sustainability.
Professor Bruce of Chemical and Process EngineeringNuclear Fuel Cycle; Waste Management and Decommission.
Professor Nik of Mechanical EngineeringApplied Fluid Mechanics.
Dr Hu of Chemical and Process EngineeringTransport Emissions and Air Pollution; Combustion and Emissions from Gas Turbines and Reciprocating Engines; Biofuels; Fuels, Lubricants and their Additives; Aviation.
Professor Jon of GeographyInstitutional Economics of Natural Resource Management.
Professor Greg for Transport StudiesThe Impact of Governance Structures and Institutions on Decision-making; End User Energy Demand Reduction Through Innovative Transport Policies.
Professor Alison of Mechanical EngineeringSocio-technical Aspects of Product-service Systems and the Networks of Organisations that Both Develop and Deliver Products to Market, and Support them Through Life to Disposal or Reuse.
Professor Natasha for Transport StudiesHuman Factors of Highly Automated Driving; Driver Behaviour, Especially Driver Distraction and the Influence of new Technologies in Driving.
Dr Alice of Earth and EnvironmentThe Diffusion and Impact of Domestic Green Technology; The Role of 'Place' in Sustainability; Achieving Domestic Low Carbon Retrofit - Particularly the Role of Advisers and Installers; NGOs and Micro-enterprises.
Dr Jan of MathematicsApplications of Control Theory to Financial Markets; Estimation and Optimal Control in Energy Markets; Markov Processes; Statistical Inference for Stochastic Processes.
Dr Andrew of Chemical and Process EngineeringEnergy Storage; Renewable Energy.
Professor Phil of Civil EngineeringMaterials and Structures.
Dr Katy of Earth and Environment and School of Civil EngineeringThe Interaction Between Engineering, the Environment and Society, Including Resilience of Infrastructure Transitions to Resource Scarcities and the Role of Infrastructure in Shaping Resource Consumption and Behaviour.
Dr Andrew of Chemical and Process EngineeringBioenergy from Algae; Liquefaction and Pyrolysis; Next Generation Transport Fuels; Soot Formation and Emissions; Analytical Methods; Thermal Analysis; Hyphenated Chromatographic Techniques.
Dr Rachael LeedsPetroleum Leeds Executive Director and is the first point of contact for all enquiries.
Dr Julia of Earth and EnvironmentUtility Consumption and Business Models; Ecological Economics.
Dr James for Transport StudiesTransport and the Environment; Better Understanding the On-road Vehicle Fleet and its Emission Characteristics.
Professor Peter of Chemical and Process Engineering and School of Earth and Environment.Interdisciplinary Research Combining Science, Technology, Economics and Policy to Enhance the Understanding of Policy Responses to the Challenges of Accelerating the Transition to Sustainable Low-carbon Energy Systems.
Professor Harvey of Mechanical EngineeringComputational Fluid Dynamics.
Professor Alison of Chemical and Process EngineeringSmall-scale Wind Energy; Wind Resource Assessment Tools; Renewable Fuels in Transport; Transport Impacts on Climate and Air Quality; Environmental Model Evaluation and Uncertainty Analysis.
Dr Paul Uphampaul.upham@leuphana.deLeuphana University L√ľneburgEngagement of the Public and Stakeholders in Energy Technology Development, Policy and Deployment, Drawing on Psychological, Sociological (STS), Innovation and Environmental Management and Science Literatures.
Dr James Van of Earth and EnvironmentThe Emergence and Implementation of Environmental Policy and Governance; Social and Environmental Risks of Industrial Development; Politics of Low Carbon Transitions; Governance of Resource Extraction in the Global North and South.
Dr Zia of Chemical and Process Engineering and Institute for Transport StudiesTransportation, Energy and Environment; Econometric Modelling (Energy/Transport).
Professor Paul of Chemical and Process EngineeringWaste and Biomass Pyrolysis; Waste Incineration.